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Runescape Idea for Hardmode Nex

 As we apperceive that Nex is a absurd bang-up in RuneScape gold . It is consistently harder for us to coursing the bang-up that easily. You, in the accomplished days, allegation to accumulation up with your friends, no below than 2-4 players, but now can be soloed assorted times in one trip. Is there somthing missing? Cannot be that simple to coursing the difficult boss. We allegation upgrade.

First of all, in adjustment to action Nex in hardmode, you allegation to access a Zarosian Crystal. These can be acquired as an aberrant bead from Nex in approved mode, as a attenuate bead from her generals, or as a actual attenuate bead from the Zaros creatures alfresco Nex's alcove in the Ancient Prison.

Once a Zarosian Clear is obtained, it accept to be brought to the centermost of Nex's alcove afore she spawns, and again activated. Once activated, Nex will anon spawn.She will be unattackable, and will bend down and allegation an attack. All players in the amphitheatre will be accustomed a alert to either acquire Nex's claiming or declien. After 15 seconds, all players who accustomed will be abject to the centermost of the room, and Nex will blast the bridges, bottomward you down into the pit below Nex's chamber.

Underneath Nex's alcove is a massive annular cave with 4 alcoves, agnate to a beyond adaptation of Nex's capital chamber. This is area Nex is fought in hardmode. After a few abnormal Nex will bead down and adhere herself in a amethyst clear dome.

Players accept 1 minute to accord 300,000 accident to the clear dome. If they abort to do abundant damage, they will get a bulletin adage Nex was aghast with their ability and refuses to action them, and they will be angled aback to the attributes spirit's allowance alfresco of Nex's chamber. The Zarosian Clear will not be refunded.

If 300,000 accident is auspiciously done to the clear dome, it will blast and the action will begin. In Hardmode, Nex has 1,000,000 lifepoints, buffed stats, and stronger appropriate attacks. Her minions accept 50,000 HP each.

After the arch is shattered, Nex will arouse her minions into the hardmode chamber. They will be begind clear walls and absolutely allowed to damage. She will aboriginal alarm aloft Fumus, infusing her with Smoke magic, just like the approved fight. However, she assets some new appropriate attacks, and her basal advance becomes abundant added dangerous, clarification stats including adoration and ambidextrous far added adulteration damage.

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