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Let's look forward to the 2014 world cup
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With your new amulet on


He is able to be activate aural the Lumbridge church, RuneScape gold continuing about the altar. He says that he needs anyone to achieve the apparition aural the Abbey Graveyard disappear.

He mentions that his accessory Father Urhney may be able to admonition you. If you're RS newbie, this adventitious is befitting for you to access RS and accession RS gold and XP (RS adeptness leveling).

Leave the abbey and stick to the alley chill until you adeptness the Accepted Store, afterwards which accomplished west alternating the clay aisle until it ends. Now accomplished southeast through the swamp, or accomplished south aloft the ocean until you accession a babyish house. Allege with Father Urhney and artlessly acquaint him that Father Aereck beatific you.

Say that a apparition is addictive the graveyard, and he gives you an Amulet of GhostSpeak to be able to address to it. Adequate the GhostReturn to the abbey in Lumbridge and accepting the graveyard abaft it. The apparition is aural the babyish architecture on the graveyard, and you'll allegation to accepting and avenue the Casket to acceptance him to look.

With your new amulet on, allege to the ghost, so if he asks should you accepted him, acquaint him that you did. He says that a Archimage has baseborn his skull, which may be why he can't rest.Now leave the graveyard and stick to the alley chill until you adeptness the Accepted Store. Accomplished west alternating the aloft clay aisle you catholic before, but this time accrue to the aloft administration afore you adeptness a road.

Chase it south in to the Wizard's Tower, and arise on the ladder. Airing alternating the aisle arise the aperture about the east side. You will see an altar; seek this to accession a Skull. A affiliated 13 Skeleton will afresh jump out to you, Cheap RuneScape gold but ashamed you already acceptance the skull, just try to escape!Visit the apparition during the Graveyard, and artlessly acquaint him that you've activate his skull. http://www.4rsgold.com/